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Our long history of superior home quality construction is supported by a long list of happy and satisfied customers. Here are just a few. We have many more testimonials on file. Let us know if you’d like to read others.

We recently moved into our second Binet home, having built a home with Binet Homes back in 2009. As with the first home, the experience has been absolutely fantastic and the quality of build was excellent. Our supervisor kept us fully informed on progress, was always available to discuss the usual practical issues and challenges that occur when you build a house, and his attention to detail resulted in a high-quality finish. We now fully understand the advertising slogan, “The difference is Binet” because the people at Binet Homes really do make the difference. They are like a big, happy family, who love what they do, are knowledgeable, passionate and above all, treat their clients with respect. The quality of the product is second to none, and the after sales service is just as good as the up-front service.

Jenny and Gary, Avalon Beach and Glenhaven

The people at Binet Homes have a strong culture of working as a team to make the building aspirations of their clients possible. We had a difficult piece of land that meant we needed to custom design our home. We were guided through the whole design, development and construction process and they were very open in discussing any issues that arose. We felt comfortable being able to ask questions and give our input throughout the entire project. Binet Homes continue to impress us with their ability to come up with solutions and put the client’s interests first. Congratulations on a job well done.

Lee family, Epping

We would like to say a big thank you to the wonderful team at Binet Homes for building us such a fantastic home and taking us through the build journey with ease, clarity and transparency. Communication was excellent and we really appreciated having access to the site during the build. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Binet Homes and would definitely build with them again.

Tram and David, Beecroft

The first thing that comes to mind when we reflect on our building experience with Binet Homes is how easy our build went. Whilst no build is issue-free, we found the Binet Homes staff to be responsive, very helpful and able to address issues before we even noticed them. Even building issues that were raised by our neighbours were rapidly addressed, some matters we only found out about post-completion. We had sub-division issues that had nothing to do with the home build, yet the Binet Homes team stepped-in to assist, without which our build would not have taken place.
We certainly feel like we received great value in a clean, on-time, stress-free build – and that’s priceless. Our sincere thanks to the team at Binet Homes.

Eugene and Leanne, Beecroft

It is never an easy task trying to find a company that you can put your trust in to build the home of your dreams. The design process was amazing with the draftsman listening to every idea we threw at them with an end result being the most beautiful home we could have imagined. The staff from beginning to end always made sure we were happy. When we were building, a friend of mine asked how our build was progressing. Well they now have a house built by Binet Homes too. Thank you to everyone at Binet Homes. It was a pleasure to work with you all right through to completion. I wish I could build another home just to see you all again.

Jacque and Michael, Abbotsford

Binet Homes provided us a good peace of mind throughout the building process. The entire project was managed in a very smooth manner and there was a dedicated site supervisor who paid great attention to ensuring the high quality of our house. We are also very impressed by the time and effort that the team spent in addressing our requirements during the follow up process. We would like to express our appreciation to the friendly and helpful manner provided by all the Binet Homes staff who worked on our home.

Philip and Iris, Pymble

It is with surety that we are extremely happy with our Binet home. It truly was a wonderful experience to plan and shape our new home with the professionalism that was evident in both the planning and construction stages. There was not one issue that caused us any concern, in fact we were elated with our experience. There is hardly a day goes past without somebody walking past our house who offers praise as to what they see before them. Testimony enough.

Dennis and Jill, Kellyville

We would have no hesitation in recommending Binet Homes. The staff were friendly and helpful in the pre-planning stage with no restriction on what we wanted. Being an older couple with different requirements to a younger family, we were able to easily work together and ultimately create our dream home. We regularly get comments from passing public on our “Beautiful Home”. Binet’s longevity and reputation in building “Perfect Dream Homes” speak for themselves, we are very satisfied. Thank you Binet Homes.

Richard and Judith, Dural

We have just moved in to our second Binet Home and we are so thrilled on how it has turned out. Our first Binet home was built 23 years ago and was as good after 23 years as the day it was built. This is why we never considered any other builder for our second home. We thank everyone at Binet Homes for making the construction of this home both exciting and stress-free. I would like to thank our construction manager Patrick, who we feel is the most knowledgeable man in construction you could ever deal with. He also designed our landscaping and had it constructed to a level of excellence second to none. He built this house in nine months. I can honestly say when you go to Binet Homes and they say “The difference is Binet”, that I couldn’t agree more. Our new Binet Home has exceeded all of our expectations. We love what you have created and look forward to many enjoyable years in our new home.

Mark and Janine, Glenorie

We are thrilled with our gorgeous Binet home and are incredibly grateful to everyone who was involved in the build process. We chose Binet Homes for their quality, attention to detail and exceptional craftsmanship and they certainly didn’t disappoint. What we loved about building with Binet Homes was that they were genuinely invested in our vision and made every effort to exceed the expectations we had for our dream home. Our site supervisor gave us quality advice throughout the project and wore many hats to ensure we loved the end result. The journey to our dream home wasn’t without its challenges and frustrations, but whatever issues we faced, they were skilfully resolved so that the experience was both a pleasurable and rewarding one. If we are lucky enough to be in the position to build again we wouldn’t hesitate to build with Binet Homes.

Juliane and Peter, West Pennant Hills

From our initial meeting right through to the handover of our new home, the Binet team worked with professionalism, integrity and passion to deliver our vision. Now whenever I am asked ‘Who would you select to build you next home, if you ever built again?’ the answer without hesitation is Binet Homes.

Wayne and Christine, Dural

We would like to specifically thank you and your team for the wonderful job that you have done building our home. We cannot speak highly enough about the professionalism that we have experienced with Binet Homes who have delivered as promised and up to our high expectations. Throughout the process we were impressed by the confidence your tradespeople expressed in the company and the length of time they have each been working with you. From our perspective that was complete endorsement of our decision. We would have no hesitation in recommending your company to any prospective client.

Carolyn and Richard, Lane Cove

We would like to sincerely thank the entire team at Binet Homes for building us a beautiful home at Pymble. It has been a very smooth process from the design phase through to completion. The staff were always professional, helpful and honest. It made it so much easier and efficient having a one-stop-shop at Binet – with your architect and builder talking and working closely together and liaising with council for approval. We started with a blank page and after many changes ended up with a plan that was perfect for our family. We are now enjoying living in our new home and endless entertaining with our family and friends! We would recommend Binet to anyone looking to build their new home.

David and Michelle, Pymble

Binet provided a wonderful experience when building our new home. The final result is all we had hoped for and more with the finishes and attention to detail of the highest standard. Ongoing service has also been exceptional, with any issues or questions that we had after moving in being resolved quickly and professionally.

Rebecca and James, Willoughby

The entire process from the first design sketches to completion of our new home was handled in a friendly and professional manner. The service we received, even months after completion, exceeded our high expectations. We believe the final product reflects our reasons for initially choosing Binet – quality and attention to detail. We would absolutely use Binet again if we were to build another home.

Nicole and John, Epping

At the start of our quest to have a new home, we did not know anything about building. The learning curve was steep and the entire Binet team helped us along the journey with quality processes which helped us plan while relieving any stress. You are a great team of people to associate with and we will always reflect on the partnership with positive thoughts. We are very pleased to have chosen Binet Homes to do the once in a life-time job for us and we can only recommend anyone who wants to build to visit Binet Homes first.

Allison and Steve, Epping

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank the Binet team for your hard work over the last 18 months. Our friends can’t believe it only took 7 months to complete the home which we are now living in. We’ve had lots of compliments on the quality of the house. We decided to build with Binet due to their excellent reputation, particularly in the north-west of Sydney where we have always lived and worked. We also wanted a local business, so we could deal with the same people at all times and not feel like we were just a part of a large, faceless machine. We always felt with Binet that everyone knew us each time we called or visited. The patience and professionalism displayed by every team member is a credit to the business.

Ingrid and Alex, North Epping

We have always admired Binet homes for their build quality and leading designs. When we had an opportunity to build with Binet Homes, we did not hesitate. We soon found that there is more to a Binet house than great design and quality. Everyone we have dealt with at Binet Homes has been friendly, reliable and eager to provide expert advice to make sure the final product reflects our requirements. We have been in our Binet house for 10 years now and should the opportunity arise again, we would build another house with Binet Homes.

Robert and Gillian, Castle Hill

When we decided on building a new home, we knew we wanted someone reliable who could manage the whole project for us – not just bits and pieces. Binet Homes designed our house, submitted plans to council, then built and finished it. The process was stress-free and we could not be happier with the quality. The team was professional and reliable throughout the entire process – from our first meeting to handover of the keys. We were very impressed with the consistent communication from the Binet people who kept us informed throughout the process and dealt with all issues quickly. We are thrilled with our new home and we thank the entire Binet team for their wonderful work.

Peiying and Jo, West Pennant Hills

Building a new home was both a challenging and rewarding experience (particularly for us, as we had never done this before). Looking back, however, it was a relatively smooth and stress-free process which can be attributed to our decision to build with Binet Homes. We have no hesitation in recommending Binet Homes to prospective clients and we have already referred interested parties to your website so that they can see the quality of your work for themselves.

Aislin and Allan, Castle Hill

We thoroughly enjoyed the positive experience of working closely with everyone at Binet Homes. From our first meeting with the team, then working on the house plans right through the build, dealing with the professional and friendly staff was a pleasure. Of importance though is the high standard of their work and bringing the project in on time. Our appreciation to everyone who worked on our home.

Jennifer and Joe, Castle Hill

We looked at several builders over an extended period before deciding to build our new house with Binet Homes. From the start of the process through the build, we knew we had made the correct decision. Any issue we raised was promptly fixed to our satisfaction. All the team were very professional. We are extremely happy with our house and with Binet Homes.

Karen and Roger, Beecroft

From the planning stage to receiving the keys and long afterwards, the team at Binet Homes made the process so easy and free of stress. The standard of the finished product speaks for itself, and is proven by the way people who visit our home are always wowed by the quality. We know that if we ever build again (and we just might), it will definitely be with Binet Homes. We would entertain no other thought.

Phil and Jap, Beecroft

We would like to take the opportunity to thank Binet Homes for our beautiful new home. In Binet we found a company that promised a very high quality product and absolutely delivered it. We especially appreciated the uncompromising approach to process and quality and the great personal attention that we received from all the staff. I would not hesitate to build with Binet again. You have exceeded our expectations and we feel very lucky to have chosen Binet Homes.

Lisa and Dean, Narrabeen

What stood out for us when we walked into Binet’s display home at Kingscott Place Castle Hill was the quality of the build and the attention to detail. Binet’s quality was exceptional.

Binet homes are built to last. From the initial quote to well after the handover of keys we were impressed with every staff member’s professionalism and the pride everyone took in their work. Many of their staff have been with them for more than 15 years which ensures that their quality of work and service remains up to Binet’s high standards. The final product is breathtaking. As their mantra say “Binet is the difference”.

Maria and Peter, Northmead

We visited the Binet display home at Castle Hill and instantly felt that it could be our dream home. Elegant but simple finishes, beautiful attention to detail, a mixture of timber and marble, large open entertainment areas and elements that would stand out above the rest when complete.

From a warm welcome at our first meeting to signing contracts, picking finishes and to handing over the keys we have felt like they were building for a close family member not just a client. Their entire team is extremely dedicated with passion emulating from their founder Peter Binet. I now understand why they are building for second generation clients. We would definitely use Binet again.

Filia and George, Strathfield

We moved into our first Binet home in 2014. We were very happy during the building process and the ongoing service after moving in has been first class. Binet have a real ethos of meeting the needs of the customer and we have experienced it not only with Binet staff but also with their contractors. By the end of the building process, we almost felt part of the Binet family and still do today. Friends and family who have visited always comment on the superior quality both inside and out. We have built previously with a different builder and if we build again, it will definitely be with Binet Homes.

Kim and Peter, Pitt Town

We would like to thank the team at Binet Homes for building us a beautiful and quality house, one that we are proud of and more importantly gives us a very comfortable and safe space, which we know will assist us in creating a wonderful home in which our little boy can grow up in. During the building process we never sensed that Binet would let us down. Our site supervisor, was not only a pleasure to work with, but we believe went above and beyond on many occasions to ensure in that the quality of the home was never compromised as a result of some of the hurdles we came across. We also knew he was assisted by an excellent, “A grade” team. All our interactions with any of the team at Binet Homes have been an absolute pleasure.

Ros and Ann, Pymble

We consulted with three builders and chose Binet Homes, a decision we certainly do not regret. From the initial briefing and costing, through many variations and requests, the team at Binet were always willing to sit down and work through the options and possibilities, carefully explaining the ramifications and costs of the proposed changes and alterations.

The design team impressed with their speed and 3D imaging which allowed a virtual walk through at every stage. After the DA was approved and construction began, the only delay was the weather, the supervision was exemplary and after completion the follow up visits were well scheduled and well managed. I would have no hesitation in recommending Binet Homes as the company to complete your dream home.

Julian, Lane Cove


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